Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled these frequently asked questions regarding car hire in Madeira Island. If you can’t find your answer here, use our contact page to get in touch with us, we will do our best to answer any question you might have.

If you choose to use our PROMO CODE there is a deposit attached to your booking
The deposit is done when you receive the car and it can be done in cash, credit card or debit card. You do not need to own any credit card to book with us.
In this situation, full insurance is not included. We have reduced the rental price for our cars however there is now a deposit required. Therefore, you are responsible for damages up to that amount. If nothing happens to the car this amount is returned to you.
If you do not feel comfortable leaving a deposit, we still have our regular groups available for booking with full insurance included (except for negligence).
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The driver must be over 21 years old and have over 3 years of driving license. 
If you do not meet these requirements please contact us by e-mail info@madpoint.pt

We need a valid driving’s license and a passport/ID.
We are not allowed to rent a car if you do not have the physical driving license document with you – unless you have an official document from authorities as substitute

Full insurance (SCDW)  is included in our prices, no credit card required and no deposit needed. Negligence is not included.

Our prices include full insurance (SCDW) however our insurance does not cover negligent situations, such as: 

  • Negligent driving (off the roads, forbidden areas, wrong side of the road etc)
  • Negligent parking (not using the handbrake, etc)
  • Losing the car keys or car documents
  • Making a mistake with the fuel of the car
  • Damaging the inside of the car
  • Parking and speeding tickets 
  • Failure to report accidents and/or damage
  • Other negligent situations;
In case of an accident or severe damage to the car you are expected to contact us immediately with pictures of the car and details of where and how it happened. You can contact us by email or whatsapp.

No credit card is required, payment is made in total when you receive the car, by cash or card (debit or credit).

No deposit and zero excess, as long as you meet our age and driving license requirements.

Madpoint Office – located in Funchal
Rua do Gorgulho, nº 2,Centro Comercial Éden Mar, Loja 11,  9000-107 Funchal

Madeira Airport
Please insert your estimated time of arrival not the time you think you will be outside of the airport.
We also ask for your arrival flight number in our form so we can monitor your arrival and any delays.
For the drop off time we reccomend 2h before your departure flight.

Where do I pick up and drop off the car at the airport?
As we do not have an office at the airport one of our agents will be outside the arrivals floor waiting for you. The car will be parked at arrivals car parking.
For the drop off we will give you instructions of where to leave the car and the keys.

Your Hotel or Airbnb 
Choose from our list of areas which one your hotel/accomodation is located.
Specify the hotel name and/or address in the notes sections of the booking form.
One of our agents will meet you at hotel reception and car outside.
Location fees may apply

We ask you to inform us as soon as you know there have been changes to your flight so we can organize for an agent to be waiting for you at the airport.
Charges may apply (if you arrive in a night flight +35€)

We will be monitoring your arrival and will know that unfortunately you did not make it to Madeira as planned.

Please contact us as soon as possible to inform us of your new arrival date/time.

If you wish to keep your booking, we ask for new flight information and keep the car for you. The price will maintainas per initial booking. Extras may be added if you arrival in a night flight for example (+35€)

If you wish to cancel your booking completely please inform us.

Yes, although we don’t have an office at the airport one of our agents will be outside the arrivals waiting for you to come outside. We will give you the contact and name of the agent delivering the car to you. 
Night delivery charges apply.

Yes,  we will give you instructions on the day you receive the car, where to park the car and where to leave the keys.

We kindly ask you to make a booking through our website, we do not accept booking over the phone or e-mail

  1. You choose your pick up and drop off location 
  2. Insert the desired dates and times
  3. Choose your preferred category and proceed with your details
  4. Quick and easy!

You will receive an automated e-mail from our website with a summary of your booking and your order number. This does not mean your booking is confirmed.

Within 48h you will receive another automated e-mail informing you of the status of your booking.

“confirmed” or “canceled”

If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact us directly on info@madpoint.pt 

Check your spam folder!

If you wish to cancel your booking prior to your arrival date, we ask you to contact us as soon as you know so we can free up the car.

As there is no online payments to make a booking, no fees applied to cancel it.

If you have already received your car and made the payment and decide to return the car earlier, we have a no refund policy.

If you wish to amend your booking prior to your arrival date, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible so we can update your booking and inform you of the new price if applicable.

Yes, please contact us by e-mail or phone to check if it is possible to keep the car for longer period. We will arrange to meet you so you can make the payment.

You are expected to return the car with the same fuel as you received. In the event of you not doing this we shall charge you for the fuel.

We do charge out of hours fees. For pickups or dropoffs from 7PM (19:00) until 8.30AM (08:30) we charge an extra of 35€.

We charge location fees as below:

Airport 20€

Hotel in Funchal 10€

Hotel outside Funchal 35€

We charge a 50€ fee for pickups on christmas day

Madeira Island Tourist Guide

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Car Rental Discounts and Deals

If you are used to visit Madeira Island or are planning to do so soon, we recommend you following us in our social pages to get access to Madpoint care hire promo codes. You can choose from a full range of cares, including: compact, estate, automatic, diesel, 7 seater, 9 seater and luxury cars.

Our vehicles are all under two years old, so you don’t need to worry about breakdowns. We also offer roadside assistance 24 hours a day, ensuring we can solve any problem with you car hire quickly.

Madeira ISland car rental advice

Make sure everything is ok with you rluggage, buy road maps if you need them and try to rest well before you travel.

Regardless of where you are, always pay attention to where you leave your personal belongings, in order to avoid nasty surprises.

Do not forget to check the cars condition, turn on air conditioning to confirm it works and take a look around the car to ensure you have the reflective warning triangles, a safety vest and a spare tire.

In most companies fuel is not included in the rental price and you must deliver your car with the same quantity. 

Pay attention before refilling the tank of your car, don’t mix fuel (diesel with petrol) or you will seriously damage the engine. If, for any reason, this happens, do not turn on the car. Ask for help in the petro station and they will drain the fuel for you.

Please remember to carry your driving license and passport with you.

Do not use a photocopy of your driving license, rental companies will not accept it as valid documentation.

If you are arriving from a country outside of Europe, don’t forget to bring your International Driving License.

When driving to a foreign country it is wise to stay informed of local driving laws, so please take into consideration.