Madeiran dishes you must try

Every culture, every country, every city has its gastronomic tradition. Madeira is no exception. Here are some suggestions for you to go out and enjoy this amazing traditional food.

The wide variety allows you to try something new every day:

Espetada Madeirense


This is probably the most famous Madeiran dish, made with beef cubes in a laurel skewer and grilled on wood. It is normally served with Bolo do Caco (a traditional bread), Milho Frito (fried maize) and salad.

Scabbard Fish

Scabbard Fish

The Scabbard Fish is the most typical fish of Madeira Island, found in deep waters with a fearsome appearance. It is extremely tasty when prepared the traditional way, with passion fruit and banana.

Limpets (Lapas)


Limpets (locally refered to as Lapas) is a Madeiran delicacy, much appreciated by locals and visitors. Collected from rocks near the shore, they are cooked in a frying pan with butter, garlic and parsley. When served, they are splashed with fresh lemon that enhances the flavour.

Bolo do Caco

Bolo do Caco

Baked on a slab over fire, this bread is very typical and you will be able to find it everywhere. It can be served simple with butter, parsley and garlic. You can also get a “Prego” which is Bolo do Caco with grilled steak, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ham.