Terms and Conditions

Driver Requirements

The minimum age required to drive the said vehicle is 19 years and be in possession of a valid driving licence for at least one year. A young driver’s rate applies to drivers who are 25 years of age or under.
There is a senior driver rate for drivers aged 75 years or more.
The customer who has held a valid driving licence for at least one year/is between the ages of 19 and 22 is liable to pay an excess: for group A, B: € 1100.00; for groups D, D1: € 1500.00, for group E: € 1900.00, for group E1 and F7: € 2000.00 and for group Mercedes € 2500.00.

The vehicle will not be supplied to hirers without a European or International driving licence. UK driving licence holders must present their photo card. If the driving licence is not in the Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese), an International Driving Permit and a national driving licence must be brought.

Deposit, Security and Payments

It is not compulsory to have a credit card to make a rental, however, when using a card, it must be in the name and surname of the main driver of the booking otherwise it will not be accepted as a method of payment.
The deposit amount will be blocked on the credit card or a debit card or cash can be used. This amount will be refunded at the end of the rental period if everything is in order.
There is a mandatory refundable security deposit for fuel and fines. This can be left by credit card, debit card or cash.

Protection & Insurance

– A compulsory collision and theft (CDW) insurance (TP) with excess is included in the price.
– In the event of damage, you will have to pay an amount not exceeding the excess. The amount of the excess varies according to the category of car.
– A third party liability insurance (TPL) of EUR 500.000.00 is included.
– In case the vehicle is stolen, you will have to pay an amount not exceeding the excess;

Optional Insurance: PLUS Insurance - 25€ per day

– Eliminates financial responsibility in case of damage to the vehicle – Zero Deductible.
– Protection against theft or attempted theft (with the exception of objects left inside the vehicle).
– Protection for windows, headlights and tyres (with the exception of negligence where the tyre is damaged on the side).
– Roadside Assistance

What is not included in PLUS Insurance

Driver under the influence of alcohol or narcotics; loss of car keys; fuel mistake; negligent driving (on forbidden roads; driving out of hand; dangerous manoeuvres or other situations); damage to the side of the tyres; loss of car documents; fines; engine damage due to negligence; damage to GPS; damage inside the car; theft of personal belongings; other situations considered negligent.

Roadside Assistance

In case of need of assistance the client should contact Rent a Car, which will be available during working hours 09:00-19:00. Outside these hours you should contact the insurance company that is available 24h/7 in case you need towing and transport to the hotel.
The cost of towing and/or transportation will be covered by Rent a Car, except in situations of negligence: loss of car keys, lack of battery due to lights/radio on, stuck on tarmac roads, negligent flat tyres, clutch, or similar situations.
In the case of negligence the costs associated with travel will be the responsibility of the client.


Fuel must be returned in the same level as when delivered to the client. There will be no refund for fuel left over by the client. If the client does not return the same level of fuel as received, a fee of £25 will be charged for each ¼ tank of fuel missing.
Any expenses with oils must be duly proven in order to allow a refund. It is mandatory to request an invoice in the name of Madpoint Rent a Car and include the NIF: 511146078.

Returning the Vehicle

The client is responsible for returning the vehicle at the scheduled time following the instructions provided by Rent a Car. The maximum period of grace is 60 minutes without additional cost. After the grace period a fee of 10 euros will be charged for each additional hour (up to four hours) and thereafter the value of an additional day.
If the client wishes to extend the rental of the car, he/she must send an e-mail to info@madpoint.pt in order to obtain confirmation of availability.


For cancellations made up to 48 hours before the car pick up date, the total amount paid online for the reservation is refunded. After 48 hours the amount already paid will not be refunded.

Working hours, Out of hours deliveries

Our working hours are from Monday to Sunday 09:00-19:00.
We do airport deliveries and collections outside these hours, however an out of hours fee will be added to the total booking amount.
The tolerance period in case of delay without prior notice is 1 hour. After this period the vehicle will be available for other bookings.

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off

As we do not have an office at the airport, one of our agents will be outside arrivals waiting for your departure. Should you have any difficulty in finding him, please contact Rent a Car.
You should leave the car following the instructions given by the Rent a Car agent on the day of the pick up. It is mandatory to inform Rent a Car of any change in time, place or date of the return of the vehicle.

Delayed flights and cancellations

Please inform Rent a Car of your flight status. If your flight is delayed and arrives at our after-hours time (19:00-08:30) a charge will be added to your reservation total.
If your flight is cancelled and you wish to keep your reservation, please inform us so that the car remains reserved for you. The value of the reservation will not change.